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GovBytes: Facebook releases location check-in infographic

Checking into locations can be entertaining; trust me, I’m the trainspotter champion on Foursquare. But it can also be dangerous, as children have access to geolocation apps which can attract predators and adults aren’t always much wiser when checking in. However, it can be difficult to not check in to landmark locations such as TimesRead… Read more »

The 2011 Capital Christmas Tree Checks-In at Number 6

(see the full blog with photos: HERE) Every year, the Christmas tree that graces the West lawn of the U.S. Capitol building originates from one of our country’s National Forests. It may not be widely known that the USDA’s Forest Service is instrumental in facilitating the Capital Christmas Tree’s transport from the forest to theRead… Read more »

The Foreign Office on Foursquare

The regular reader of these chunterings will have noticed a pattern. How you decipher that pattern is up to you. Where I see the ‘dissemination of relevant content through all available channels to established audiences across the digital sphere’, you might see ‘obsessive bandwagon jumping, ticking off social media trying to look trendy’. Either way,Read… Read more »

e-GOTV. Is it Real? Digital Strategies for e-Political Campaigning

Is e-GOTV a reality? What politicians, municipalities, or government agencies are doing it best? Last year, Ingrid Koehler wrote about Paden Noble’s work for Newark, New Jersey Central Ward Councilman, Darrin Sharif, in her piece “Social beats cash: a local campaign case study”. We appreciate that she credits us with the first use of Foursquare,Read… Read more »

Privacy and Security Implications of Geo-Location Social Media Tools

Originally posted at Privacy and Security Implications of Geo-Location Social Media Tools 2010 November 12 tags: Facebook, fbplaces, Foursquare, geolocation, geotagging, internet privacy, internet security, privacy, security, Social Media by Sara Cohen Geo-location applications and technologies are quickly becoming the latest phenomenon in social media and information-sharing, due to the ease and speed withRead… Read more »

When Social Location Sharing Meets Government Services

[Note: This is a cross post from my blog, the original can be found here.] I had the opportunity to do some thinking about the future of social media and government a month ago in Vancouver with some very smart people. One of the things that came up (mostly due to our geeky familiarity withRead… Read more »