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Learn from Experts: How to Build a Great Government Website

Did you miss “Govloop’s Government Innovator’s Online Summit”? Never fear, you can learn what you missed at our training on “How to Build a Great Government Website” right here. Right now. You ready? This past Thursday, we were delighted to have Sheila Campbell, (Director of the Center for Excellence in Digital Government), and Hillary Hartley,Read… Read more »

Make Sure Your Logo is Usable on Your Social Networking Profiles

For most organizations these days, having a presence on various social networks is a necessity, but a common issue is the limitations of how an organization can display its logo on these sites. Most social networks constrain the proportions of an avatar/profile picture to small, often square-shaped spaces. This can present a problem if yourRead… Read more »

Visualizing the CT State Session

Keeping up with the over 2,700 bills proposed by the Connecticut General Assembly since January can be practically impossible. Readily Apparent developed new visualizations to make it easy to see a “30,000-foot view” of activity by policy area and click to drill-down on particular interests. Tree map graphics enable visitors to quickly explore policy areas—byRead… Read more »