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Knowledge Management – a few more tools in the bag

Today – I checked in on Defense Connect Online, to join an online meeting. Afterwards, I learned how to set up my microphone, so that next time, I will actually be able to comment, vice just using the chat feature! I also found out that Intellilink has SharePoint access (umm, for *free*), which is anotherRead… Read more »

New here – what to do?

I am just discovering this, and after dipping into the Knowledge Management pool, finding that there is TONS more information, and tools to manage it, then I ever thought! Currently working on 6 of our “units” merging into 3, and tracking the moving parts. Using SharePoint, eKM, and other tools to get the work/word shared,Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Practical Guide Principle #3 – Appropriate Calls to Action #OGI

Here’s Principle #3 from my new practical guide to Gov 2.0 – Appropriate Calls to Action The unique value of government 2.0 is engaging the voice of community members, but in the beginning it can be difficult to get people talking within a community. There may be a lot of lurkers, but not a wholeRead… Read more »

Starting Somewhere

Probably not the best place to start with my blog. When I attended the PACFLTKM Conference last week I decided I needed to start a blog and the elongated name of it would be “How can I know what I think, until I see what I say?” Knowledge management is quickly becoming a passion ofRead… Read more »

eKnowledge: Web 2.0 tools are giving new life to traditional Knowledge Management

Since Nanaka and Takeuchi introduced the concept of knowledge management in the mid-90s, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies have spent millions implementing relatively simple KM systems that focused mostly on integrating various information resources. Knowledge Management initiatives fell out of favor for a while but are starting see a comeback as social media tools areRead… Read more »