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Using Knowledge Management for Better Government Services

Citizens now expect the same types of services from government agencies as they do from their banks, favorite stores and other businesses. Agencies must treat their constituents as longterm customers by keeping up with trends in communication, technology and mobile connectivity. Learn how knowledge management strategies and tools can help.

It Takes Knowledge Management to Harpoon a Comet

Like many earlier this week, I was picking my jaw off the floor when I learned of the success of the Rosetta mission in safely getting the Philae lander on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.  There are not enough expletives to precede the word “amazing” in describing that feat of math and engineering (not to mention good fortune). Read… Read more »

The Importance of Preserving Institutional Knowledge in the Public Sector

One of the important steps that an organization can take is improving its knowledge management programs. Knowledge management can be used to describe numerous initiatives, but the central goal is to preserve institutional knowledge. Organizations have taken different approaches to knowledge management, by either using a high level software service or other low cost initiativesRead… Read more »

Paradigm Shift #2 – from Centralized to Distributed Knowledge Management

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the shift from a ‘push’ to a ‘pull’ information economy. The same forces are also changing the nature of knowledge management (KM) – replacing a model in which KM was an activity that was centralized in terms of time, personnel, and location, to a highly distributed activity. ThisRead… Read more »

The War – Knowledge Mgmt & Social Media – FREE Training – 6/9

***Register for June’s Free GL Training on Knowledge Mgmt & Social Media – 6/9 at 2pm est** It’s funny. A couple years ago I was in charge of a social media platform inside my agency for internal use amongst employees. At the time, I thought of it as a social media project or specifically anRead… Read more »

Managing the Social-Media Paradigm Shift: Ride the current, or be swept aside

Everyone who’s ears have been assaulted with talk of “paradigm shifts” can thank Thomas Kuhn, author of “The She Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” I’ve often wondered why that phrase beguiles so many consultants and technology cheerleaders, and it’s a shame that it has, because in the glare of that overexposure, we may have blinded ourselvesRead… Read more »