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4 Patterns of Work Behavior That You Should Know

There are four scientifically-based patterns of behavior: pioneers, drivers, guardians and integrators. Knowing which traits emerge more strongly in which people can help employers drive more rewarding collaboration among teams. As for millennials, they can help us better understand our work styles and help us tap into our specific strengths.

{Personality Tests} Don’t Give Me That “I”!

People are complex, variable and unpredictable. I like to think that we are more sophisticated than any 9-box grid, True Colors or personality test could ever hope to encompass. I feel violated when a marketer gets lucky and I suddenly “need” something I didn’t know even existed a few minutes earlier.   Nonetheless, personality testsRead… Read more »

7 Tips to Get Motivated — Using Your Personality Type

Motivation is tricky. Many great blogs like Doris Tirone’s post talk about the dangers of believing a supervisor alone can motivate someone to be more efficient. External (extrinsic) motivators like money or praise are helpful, but internal (intrinsic) motivators are stronger and salient. One of the tools I have found most useful to understanding intrinsicRead… Read more »