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Rural Hospitals Need a Medicaid Lifeline

Years ago, the town hospital was the community’s pulse: It was a place of birth, an employer, a counterpart in battling illness, and a source of health information. So for the people of Independence, Kansas, watching their century-old hospital close was a bitter pill to swallow. For the town’s residents, healthcare is now harder toRead… Read more »

Leadership in Action

From forging a unity of effort in homeland security to strategizing today how to field the U.S. Army of tomorrow; to pursuing affordable housing, eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare, and securing cyberspace, our most recent issue of The Business of Government magazine delves into a diverse set of topics and public management issuesRead… Read more »

The New Health Craze: Data!

The world is awash with new health technologies – Fit Bits, iPhone apps, nutrition trackers, heart rate monitors. Even healthcare, one of the most slow-moving, risk-averse sectors, is starting to see the potential of using data to improve outcomes. The government has begun to understand the advantages to digitizing health records, and to implement programsRead… Read more »

The “Iowa Compromise”: Reaching Agreement on the Medicaid Expansion for Iowans

BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE July 26, 2013 by Ron Manderscheid Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on twitter Share on google More Sharing Services Iowa will do the Medicaid Expansion, but in a more elegant way. Amazing! Truly amazing! Every so often, we observe an exceptionally fine, noteworthy example of the art of political compromise. MuchRead… Read more »

The Supreme Court Approves the 2014 Medicaid Expansion: What Now?

BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE July 18, 2012 by Ron Manderscheid 0 Comments Share on facebookShare on linkedinShare on twitterShare on google | More Sharing ServicesShare | Print Will the states recognize the financial benefits of the 2014 Medicaid Expansion? Like a most welcome cool breeze on a very hot summer day, the recent Supreme Court decision onRead… Read more »