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Nurturing the Future: Essential Skill Sets for Government Employees in the Age of Generative AI

The emergence of generative AI raises important personnel questions: What skill sets do government agencies need to hire or develop? And how can answer engines remove some technical burdens?

Government Agencies Need Generative AI Laboratories

Government agencies need room to find out the best uses of AI to achieve their goals and to help those they serve. They need AI laboratories that provide a safe space to experiment, to find out what works, and — maybe more importantly — what doesn’t.

Human Curated Knowledge Cannot Be Replaced With Automation

The answer engine is a groundbreaking solution that harmonizes the power of large language models — such as ChatGPT — with the irreplaceable insights that knowledge management professionals can offer.

How Government Agencies Can Provide the Information Constituents Really Want Without the Guesswork

Constituents want to find information on your site quickly and easily. Generative AI offers a revolutionary approach to interpreting user questions and providing answers people need.