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Innovation Leaders: What We’ve Learned

IdeaScale has a number of great communities. We’re certainly proud of all of them, but there are a few that stand out and those are the ones that have taught us some great lessons about engagement and moderation. Here’s just a few to get started: The President’s SAVE Award Why? Because after four years ofRead… Read more »

5 Things to Think About when It Comes To Innovation Incentives

IdeaScale gets tons of questions and recommendation requests as people develop communities, but there’s one key topic that everyone seems to want to know more about: engagement. Which is why we’ll be talking about the value of innovation communities and the impact they can have on a business at an upcoming conference, but one ofRead… Read more »

Facebook Questions are Great for Gov, but be Careful…

On March 24, Facebook rolled out the Questions feature to all its users. It’s a new way to ask and get answers from your friends or fans on Facebook. For government, this could be a great opportunity to get direct feedback for Product development How can we improve our current website? How difficult was itRead… Read more »