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Are Gov Employees Risk Averse?

I stumbled into the federal government by accident. When I quit swimming after my sophomore year of college, I waited tables to help pay tuition. As my senior year progressed, I realized I needed to gain some accounting experience. A local tax preparer called and asked my roommate if she was interested in a job.Read… Read more »

5 Things to Think About when It Comes To Innovation Incentives

IdeaScale gets tons of questions and recommendation requests as people develop communities, but there’s one key topic that everyone seems to want to know more about: engagement. Which is why we’ll be talking about the value of innovation communities and the impact they can have on a business at an upcoming conference, but one ofRead… Read more »

Workplace socialisation in the Public Service

In the course of examining data from the current Australian Public ServiceState of the Service of the Service Report the previous report. It contains an interesting chart showing employee satisfaction or engagement by length of service in the APS (see at the end of this post). What is interesting is the reduction in engagement overRead… Read more »

A Pat on the Back Please! Are Your Employees Recognized for Their Performance?

Many companies talk a good game when it comes to employee engagement and recognition, though few have mastered it. Some organizations are close, some still trying, and many are nowhere near success. So you may be thinking, why should I care if my employees are recognized for their performance? Because if they aren’t recognized, thenRead… Read more »

Employee Retention or Employee Loyalty?

Reprinted from: Success Performance Solutions by Ira Wolfe | June 23, 2010 Which is better: employee retention or loyalty? The answer isn’t as obvious as you think. These are some common remarks shared by disgruntled, long-term employees: · “All the owners care about is the money.” · “They’ll never pay me what I deserve anyway.”Read… Read more »