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GovBytes: Obama Creates Bill of Rights for the Information Age

The White House Thursday made a push to protect the privacy of online users by announcing the voluntary Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights (CPBR). The bill is designed to give consumers more control over the information they share on the Internet. Obama is calling on the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration to workRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: USPS Changes Proposed in Obama Budget Plan

The United States Postal Service has been delivering mail on Saturday for decades, which may soon come to an end for the fourth time in history as the USPS copes with yearly deficits. President Obama’s 2013 proposed budget backs plans allowing the USPS to cut Saturday mail services, as well as increase the price ofRead… Read more »

White House hosts second annual science fair, celebrates academic achievement

Yesterday in Washington, President Obama hosted the second annual White House Science Fair. Video of his comments is embedded below, along with a storify of exhibits and students from the day. “The young people I met today, the young people behind me — you guys inspire me. It’s young people like you that make meRead… Read more »

Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Kori Schulman, White House Case Study: Tax Cut

The #40dollars campaign; you might have heard of it. It was a campaign on Twitter in which users posted what $40 a week would do for them using the hashtag #40dollars. The campaign opposed the end of a tax cut which would add about $40 a week taken for taxes from middle class payrolls. TheRead… Read more »

State of the Union Address is Tradition, Not Law

Every year at this time, the president delivers his State of the Union address to a special joint session of Congress. President Obama will do so Tuesday night at 9:00 PM. The usual fanfare will accompany the event. Teevee talking heads will begin gushing and gossiping as early as 6:00. The U.S. Constitution divides ourRead… Read more »

Presidential Czars and the U.S. Constitution

One of the most absurd tools that the Republicans use in their distraction campaign against us is the incessant whining about President Obama’s “czars”. Because the monarchs of imperial Russia were called czars, they assume that you will believe that anyone associated with that title is a communist and, therefore, evil. Yes, that’s what theyRead… Read more »

Executive Order Gives Unified Communications a Thumbs Up

By Josh Finke, Collaboration Practice Director at Iron Bow Technologies Originally published on Iron Bow TechSource President Obama recently issued an Executive Order that will promote more efficient spending across the federal government as a part of his Campaign to Cut Waste, which has saved billions in taxpayer dollars since its inception two years ago.Read… Read more »

Why commercial buildings in the US don’t need a National Asset Rating Program for Commercial Buildings

Back in August the Department of Energy issued a request for information to develop a voluntary National Asset Rating Program for Commercial Buildings (AR Program). The thought was that an AR Program would establish an Asset Rating system for commercial buildings based on a national standard and would evaluate the physical characteristics and as-built energyRead… Read more »