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STEM vs Humanities: Why Both are Needed for Analytics

A national conversation is continuing to brew over whether Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills should be emphasized in schools and universities over humanities and liberal arts education. Several recent studies have found that the perceived higher marketplace value of STEM skills has led to a drop in the percentage of students pursuing humanitiesRead… Read more »

How Ann Dunkin Encourages Girls in STEM through Public Service

It’s still rare to see a woman running a government agency (only 34 percent of the SES is female), and it’s even rarer for that woman to be holding a technology position. Therefore, it was really a thrill to speak with Ann Dunkin, who currently serves as chief information officer at the US Environmental ProtectionRead… Read more »

Women in STEM: A Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There

Women of color who are trying to break into male dominated fields in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) face both racial and gender bias. Katherine Phillips, the Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics and Senior Vice Dean at Columbia University’s Business School has another term for this condition after surveying and interviewing 617Read… Read more »

Women in Technology: Promoting a Broader Perspective

For many, the notion of women in technology is focused on computer science and the tech industry. Should the definition be so narrow? Do we really want to send the message to girls and young women that aspiring to be coders and tech entrepreneurs is the best (or only) way they can make a professional… Read more »

What Happens When Our Senior Scientists, Engineers, and Doctors Retire?

More than two-thirds of NASA employees are scientists and engineers, and NASA has one of the oldest workforces in the federal government – many of whom are nearing retirement. So what’s the plan for recruiting new scientific, engineering, and medical leadership talent? Dr. Gina Scott Ligon, along with her University of Nebraska at Omaha colleaguesRead… Read more »