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Democratizing Softwares: Bristol City Council’s Open Source Strategy Success Story

Last week I wrote about how “What Open Source & Open Standards means to Government and citizens” in response to the open standards consultation that is currently running until the end of April 2012. This time I’m going to bring to you one of those rare but truly inspiring case studies for open source inRead… Read more »

Open-Source Alternatives to Proprietary Enterprise Software

I’ve said in the past, that open-source’s lack of adoption in the enterprise space is due, at least in part, to the lack of “focus-group tested ammunition“. Today, I hope the community can help even the odds with this collaboratively edited list of open-source alternatives to typical government and enterprise software needs I was thrilledRead… Read more »

Can a LAMP Shine at your Agency?

Once upon a time, I was working with the CIO’s Architecture Division of a major cabinet level department. We had a major discussion as to why LAMP should be allowed in our Architecture. There were lots of discussions around security and the reliability of Open Source application stack. In the end, it was not approvedRead… Read more »

Collaboration, Open Solutions, & Innovation (COSI) Strategies for Government

Collaboration, Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are key management strategies public and private sector organizations need to incorporate into their corporate culture in order to compete and succeed in the 21st century. The adoption and application of these new management strategies is already evident within many companies in almost every industry. Industries and businesses throughoutRead… Read more »

Redistricting Tools

Of late, a number of tools are popping up on-line to allow the average constituent redistrict their city/county, etc. While the one for Los Angeles has been available since May (facilitating a crowd-sourced effort), New York has recently made theirs available. The interesting twist on the New York release is that it is based uponRead… Read more »

The Open Compute Project: Why it Matters to Government

I noticed this morning that several blogs I follow featured posts on Facebook’s new data center. While a new data center is typically not news worthy, Facebook’s approach is: they have released their custom server designs and data center designs to the broader community as the Open Compute Project. Their stated goal: By releasing OpenRead… Read more »

How and Why to Bring Open Source to Your Agency – February GL Training

**Register for GovLoop Online Training – How and Why to Bring Open Source to Your Agency – February 24th at 2pm – presented by RedHat/Carahsoft** 2010 was a banner year for open source in government. The growth of Open Source for America, the rise of Drupal as an open-source content management system with implementations fromRead… Read more »

Open Formats and Open Source for Better Government

The Government of Canada is currently reliant on proprietary file formats and proprietary software applications, which lock it into a licensing bind with a single software manufacturer — Microsoft. There is not only a question of cost — as we pay a monopoly corporation for per-seat licenses to run software that already dominates the marketRead… Read more »