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Why Building a Winning Talent Pool isn’t a “Slow Cooker” Process

Such demands can drain time and resources. But they don’t have to – not when you deploy talent management analytics solutions as part of your plan. Analytics tools enable you to maximize the value of all of the informational “treasures” residing within your pool’s data, such as names, personal interests, employment history, professional accomplishments/goals, contact… Read more »

Feel the Empowerment: How to Comply with OPM’s New Employee Engagement Guidance

Utilizing modern, automated solutions, agencies can easily move off pen-to-paper and fillable forms in their review process, opening the door for better record-keeping of both formal and informal reviews. While ongoing conversations between workers and managers are beneficial, both parties can easily forget important points and takeaways from these conversations over time. The best, modern… Read more »

Your People Analytics Dashboard is Not Nearly as Useful as it Could Be

People are much more likely to retain information – and become intrigued by it, by listening to an interesting story than by listening to recitation of points on a slide. We’re more likely to retain information, learn from it and be able to act on it if it contains up-to-the-minute data. And we’re more likely… Read more »