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Improving Efficiency

With budgets expected to be cut, it is more importan than ever that organizations look for efficiencies. Places to look include and group output, error rates which cause rework, the number of people on leave, (especially sick leave and LWOP), overtime, workers’ compensation, individual and union time. Also, how many people are on direct laborRead… Read more »

GovBytes: A Workplace Without Email?

Could you imagine doing your job without email? Many of us spend a large portion of our working hours sending and responding to messages, but that could all change. According to a new survey by Robert Half Technology, a majority of CIOs believe that real-time communication tools, like instant messaging, will eventually supplant workplace email.Read… Read more »

Your Tax Dollars Up in Smoke

The FDA wants you to know that smoking kills. Last month, the agency unveiled it’s latest effort on the war on smoking, a series of graphic cigarette warning labels. Next fall, your pack of Camels will be emblazoned with a photo of blackened lungs or rotting, nicotine-stained teeth, among other stomach-churning images. But there mightRead… Read more »

Feeling busy vs getting more done

 What’s more important – working to your full capacity or getting more done? Or put another way: is your boss more concerned with you looking busy or producing results. The TimeBack Management blog does a great job tackling this question with an analogy of a freeway. Oh, and remember – you can’t give 110%Read… Read more »

The Secret to Giving 110%

The secret is… you can’t give 110%. It’s not possible, so you can stop trying. I think the misconception comes from a false assumption that we normally operate at 100%. So when we give more than we normally do, we naturally attribute that to going above our “100%.” More accurately, we don’t regularly operate atRead… Read more »

Productivity 2.0

My first foray into web comics was rather well received so I decided to take a crack at another. This one tries to expose the myth that time at your desk somehow equals time being productive (click image to enlarge). Cross posted from