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Trending in Government: Innovation or Bust?

Has the IT implementation of Obamacare been bad for government innovators? Though most government programs and projects don’t have nearly the same stature, many senior government officials work in fear of being maligned in the Washington Post or other media and make cautious decisions. As stewards of taxpayer resources, senior managers need to be astuteRead… Read more »

The Three Pillars of Getting More Stuff Done

Can these pillars help you do more at work? We think so. These days, it seems like everyone’s swamped. Work responsibilities keep piling on (particularly during hiring freezes and department restructuring), and family life and personal projects demand constant attention. Sound familiar? You’re jumping from task to task all day, and you can barely findRead… Read more »

Are You a New Hire? Some Great Tips to Start Your Job Off Right

It’s almost the end of the school year — which means it’s time for graduation. And that means there will be a new flood of graduates entering the workplace. The transition from college to government — or any workplace — can be tough. GovLoop wants to make it as smooth as possible for you. SoRead… Read more »

6 Amazing Productivity Tips

Do you consider yourself to be a hardworking person, but get exhausted before finishing a task? Before you think it’s you — take a look at your distractions. They’re draining all your energy! These tried and tested tricks kill distractions and make you the most productive person in the office. 1. Wear noise-cancellation headphones whileRead… Read more »

Creating Diversity in the Workplace

Has workplace diversity moved beyond an ideal in your organization? Remember when diversity in the workplace was something we talked about, trained our employees on and then hoped would work? Fortunately, we have moved beyond those attitudes, for the most part. Organizations can now report not only that they have created a diverse workplace, butRead… Read more »

You Forgot Your Socks… Again?! Leadership Priorities in a Time of Change

Today’s post was written by How Gov Lead’s new contributing author, Amber Hansen. Amber has worked in Government contracting for over nine years. She is currently a Project Manager working with Federal Government clients at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Watch this blog for more thought leadership from Amber. Have you ever met someone who isRead… Read more »

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity Accelerating a new employee’s productivity rate is a goal that every agency strives to achieve. The onboarding process involves many time consuming elements. Everything from preparing new-hire paperwork, to ensuring equipment is ready on time, and reducing the onboarding cycle from days to minutes can help your agency saveRead… Read more »