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Is a Disengaged Government Employee a Loyal Employee?

The answer may be yes! Studies show that while most government employees are satisfied with their jobs, many are not actively engaged in the performance and quality of their work. Yet, a hearty 63% of those public sector workers say that they intend to stay in their positions long-term. Factors such as leadership effectiveness, performanceRead… Read more »

Six Challenges Consuming Federal Agencies And How To Overcome Them

Government agencies are being confronted with a multitude of challenges that are forcing leadership to make some drastic changes. Decreased budgets, increasing workloads, and high turn-over are just a few hurdles that agency leaders have to overcome as they struggle to improve the general consensus of working for the federal government. Earlier this year, fifty-fiveRead… Read more »

I Can’t Share Large Files – Why Poor IT is Killing Productivity

Shrinking budgets especially in the IT world are putting pressure on public organizations to do the same work (if not more work) on aging technology and infrastructure. The government is not the standard setter when it comes to advancing to the latest and greatest technology. The perfect example: I’m using a Pentium 4 single processorRead… Read more »

Want to Get ‘er Done? Introducing My 3-Part Strategy

It’s a new year, and a new fresh chance at our ever-enduring quest to be a little more awesome. And alongside that fresh chance, comes a fresh slew of blogs, books, trainings, and talks on Goal/Resolution/Theme/How to Kick Ass-setting. As a personal addict of self-improvement, I admit, I read my fair share of this saidRead… Read more »

Evernote: Productivity Tools For Government Contractors

I know I normally write about about GSA Contractsand federal government Marketing, but I figure if you are reading this you are a federal government Contractor or employee and continually hunting for productivity tools. I have already been using Evernote for a few years now, but only recently has the impact of how useful thisRead… Read more »