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Automating Buying: From E-procurement to Asset Management and Beyond

You know the old saying about the left hand needing to know what the right hand is doing? It also applies to your organization’s automated buying processes. In order to realize the full benefits of your investment, it’s vital that all pieces of your system are well integrated, including a broad suite of e-procurement andRead… Read more »

“Above the Cloud” – A Message from CEO Tim Garcia

What Makes Jetstream Unique When I founded Apptricity, it was with one major guiding premise, “the business should run the software, not the other way around.” We continue in this way for all our development and all the solutions that we create. This month, I am focusing on the idea behind our Jetstream platform, particularlyRead… Read more »

Government Mandate for e-Procurement Expected to Bring Savings

As a part of the “Campaign to Cut Waste,” the president has required that the Internet Payment Platform (IPP) go live for all government agencies by the start of the fiscal year. This means that as of October 1, 2012, businesses will have to use e-procurement to send bills to the federal government. While theseRead… Read more »

Expense Management: Trading Paper For Best Practices

Did you know that more than 2 out of 3 American businesses still mail receipts to their accounting departments? It doesn’t make for fast or reliable expense management, but it’s been ingrained in established business processes for so long, some companies are reluctant to put aside what they know for what’s new…even if what theyRead… Read more »

Representative Proposes Legislation to Streamline Federal IT Acquisitions

In a move to help increase the pace and effectiveness of federal technology acquisition, Representative Darrell Issa (R-California) is proposing that Chief Information Officers within government agencies be allowed long-sought authority over their agencies’ technology budgets. “At a time we are facing record deficits and our national debt has exceeded [our gross domestic product], itRead… Read more »

U.S. National Park Service Adopts E-Procurement Platform

United States government agencies haven’t exactly made much positive fiscal publicity for themselves over the last several years, but that may soon change for the better. Under direction from the Obama administration, agencies are adopting better business processes, most particularly through usage of expense management and invoice management solutions. Most recently, the U.S. National ParkRead… Read more »

Build Your PUBLIC SECTOR Pipeline with the use of TERM CONTRACTS

Jennifer Schaus & ONVIA present a webinar on TUESDAY May 1, 2pm EST Building your Public Sector Pipeline with the use of TERM CONTRACTS. The webinar is free and requires registration:

Cooperative Purchasing

In early 2010, The Aberdeen Group surveyed senior exec’s from 300 companies in North America, asking them for their two biggest challenges in 2010. The responses came back: (1) economic conditions and (2) executing strategies. They then asked “what are the top two strategies?” The answers came back: (1) reducing costs and (2) developing stragegicRead… Read more »

Project of the Week – What’s Your Agency’s Carbon Footprint?

The General Services Administration has recently launched a Carbon Footprint and Green Procurement Tool to assist agencies in managing their GHGs as required by Executive Order (EO) 13514 and recent energy laws. The tool can address a broad range of tasks including: Calculation of an agency’s GHG baseline, broken down by different scopes Assistance withRead… Read more »

Cost/Benefit Analysis Part 2 – Good Enough for Government Work

It’s a punchline right, “Good enough for government work?” Certainly not the attitude at your agency or mine, but “Good enough for government work” has something to teach us when evaluating IT alternatives. Benefit/Cost Ratio is calculated by dividing the total present value benefits by the total present value costs. Where costs exceed benefits, theRead… Read more »