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Evolving Definitions of Mental Illness and Wellness

Manderscheid RW et al. – Understanding of the definitions of wellness and illness has changed from the mid–20th century to modern times, moving from a diagnosis–focused to a person–focused definition of mental illnesses, and from an “absence of disease” model to one that stresses positive psychological function for mental health. Currently, wellness refers to theRead… Read more »

Moving The Better Buy Project Forward: An Exercise in Change

From The Better Buy Project blog After attending the recent Better Buy Project panel this past week, I blogged about my observations and some issues that came up from that conversation. That lively discussion continued on the GovLoop Acquisition 2.0 community. Although many commentators took different takes, I think we all agreed that one ofRead… Read more »

Health Care: Should We Settle for Less?

Recently, I’ve had a few discussions with friends regarding the current Senate health care bill. Is the death of the public option ok, since it got Medicare eligibility lowered to 55? That helps some people, right? More than are helped now, right? So that’s good, right? Wrong. We have apparently been subjected to the obstructionistRead… Read more »

Four New Commentaries on National Health Reform

BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE Issue Date: Online Exclusive Special Online Editorials Fundamentals of Healthcare Reform With the onset of healthcare reform and the implementation of the Parity Act close at hand, behavioral health will see change in the forthcoming year. And while both of these continuing efforts are meant to increase the quality of services delivered toRead… Read more »

Hiring Reform Compliance is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

Originally posted to Unleash The Monster The clock is ticking as we’re about a month away from the deadline for federal agencies to have their hiring reform initiatives underway. In June, OMB Director Peter R. Orszag set expectations in a memo for federal agencies to make considerable progress in four key areas of hiring: *Read… Read more »

Public Sector Reform in Australia

Our Federal Government recently announced the creation of an Advisory Group on the Reform of Australian Government Administration As part of what we are trying to do here with OZloop I have provided them with a submission. Feel free to download and read. The submission contains personal statements from myself and my fantastic colleagues KylieRead… Read more »

Listen-Focus-Act on National Health Reform

Behavioral Healthcare Issue Date: Online Exclusive, Online Exclusive Listen-Focus-Act now for national health reform! Three ways you can impact, influence Congressional action Ron Manderscheid, PhD, SRA International and Editorial Board Member As Congress enters the final stages in preparation of national health reform legislation, it is imperative that we not become “sheeple”—people who behave likeRead… Read more »

Insurance Recission: What You Need to Know.

A terrible crime is being committed against the American public: recission. This is when a private insurance company revokes your policy because of some technicality (whether real or fabricated). And what do you know, this tends to happen right after you’ve been diagnosed with a major illness! Thake the case of Jerome Mitchell, 17 yearRead… Read more »

Rep. Patrick Kennedy: Integrating Behavioral Healthcare into Healthcare Reform

Rep. Patrick Kennedy: Integrating Behavioral Healthcare into Healthcare Reform 09.10.2009 04:59 PM By Robin Jay, BHC Editorial Director Just hours before President Obama addressed the nation in a highly anticipated speech about healthcare reform, and just one day after returning to office following the passing of his father, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Representative Patrick KennedyRead… Read more »

Late-summer phantoms are just mirages

BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE Issue Date: September 2009, Online Exclusive Late-summer phantoms are just mirages Let’s put to rest the fears stoked by our nation’s very hot health reform debate by Ron Manderscheid, PhD, Editorial Board Member One need only see a few moments of the sharply differing partisan reactions to President Obama’s healthcare address to CongressRead… Read more »