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When Good Isn’t Good Enough – Cyber Edition

In the wake of the OPM breach back in June, the federal government has been scrambling to patch cybersecurity vulnerabilities across the country. Federal CIO Tony Scott ordered a 30-day sprint, which tasked government agencies with addressing known vulnerabilities and establishing multistep authentication security frameworks. But as cyber threats against the government grow more advanced,Read… Read more »

Daily Dose: It’s Progress Report Time for Federal Hiring Reform

As Federal Eye columnist Joe Davidson pointed out for the Washington Post today, a year has passed since President Obama announced he would be “revamping” the federal hiring process. These were the reforms that were supposed to eliminate KSAs in favor of more traditional job applications and (at least in theory) shorten the hiring processRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: “What’s My Role? Step-By-Step Hiring Guide for Federal Managers”

Our friends at the Partnership for Public Service have done it again, producing another incredible resource for Federal employees. This time, they’ve created “What’s My Role? A Step-by-Step Hiring Guide for Federal Managers.” As soon as we found out about it, we wanted to ask them a few more questions. 1. What inspired the PartnershipRead… Read more »

E2E: What Can You Expect?

You’ve been hearing a lot lately about the President’s Hiring Reform Initiative but you probably haven’t seen too much of it yet. What can you expect? The “Go Live” date is November 1, 2010. At that point, Federal vacancy announcements must abide to: · Eliminate written essay-style questions (KSAs) · Allow individuals to apply withRead… Read more »

Federal Hiring reform– what does it mean for you?

The federal government is set to hire 600,000 people in the next 2 years, and to do that, they will need to make the hiring process a whole lot easier for outside (non-federal) applicants. Many job-seekers from outside the federal system have complained for years about the difficulty and complexity–not to mention the inscrutability–of theRead… Read more »

Hiring Reform: Skype’s the Limit

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster By Joyce Ceconi There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for how agencies will be revamping their hiring practices after the recent Presidential mandate to make the hiring process faster and easier. This week, we want to give kudos to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for its useRead… Read more »

The Federal Coach: John Mayer’s theme song for fed-hiring reform?

A few years ago John Mayer won a Grammy with the song Waiting on the World to Change. It’s an upbeat, even memorable song, but here’s my worry: That federal leaders may be taking this tune as their theme song when it comes to enacting government-hiring reform. I know what you’re thinking — hiring reform,Read… Read more »

The Federal Coach: Uneven success in federal hiring

In response to Monday’s column on hiring reform, several readers correctly highlighted that some federal agencies do several things better than the private sector when it comes to hiring. Here is one of those comments: There are a few things that [agencies] do far better than the private sector – posting salary ranges, defining jobRead… Read more »


(WASHINGTON) – AFGE is pleased to see the Presidential memorandum on federal hiring reform. Efforts to engage operational managers more in the hiring process will undoubtedly lead to better and faster hiring decisions. In addition, it makes sense to eliminate mandatory KSAs for the initial application for a federal job. AFGE is reviewing the decisionRead… Read more »

Hiring Reform Compliance is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

Originally posted to Unleash The Monster The clock is ticking as we’re about a month away from the deadline for federal agencies to have their hiring reform initiatives underway. In June, OMB Director Peter R. Orszag set expectations in a memo for federal agencies to make considerable progress in four key areas of hiring: *Read… Read more »