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It’s a Fiscal Cliff! It’s a Sequester! It’s Ineffective Leadership?

As much as I would like to jump on the “sequester bandwagon” and write yet another article about the impact this enormous change will have on our country, I’m going to take a different approach on the topic that is monopolizing water cooler discussions these days. I, like the rest of us, have been readingRead… Read more »

Adjust Your Budget to the Sequester

The sequester is looking more likely, so what are you doing to adapt if your paycheck is cut 20%? Here are a few things you can do: Revisit your budget. Develop a new budget baseline. Include the things you absolutely must have. This means your rent/morgage, utilities, groceries and transportation budgets. Track them with Mint.Read… Read more »

Sequestration Obscures Fiscal Reality

The “Fiscal Cliff” was supposed to be a failsafe mechanism. Unfortunately, it now appears likely to fail. Just the threat of a sequester was supposed to ensure bipartisan consensus between Congress and the White House on a host of contentious issues of taxes and spending. Yet the term “compromise” has become a dirty word inRead… Read more »

Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester

Top Ten Ways Feds Can Help With the Sequester 10. As building maintenance is curtailed, chip in and bring in some cleaning products from home 9. Bathroom duty 8. Sell snacks to the people waiting for hours at the new TSA security lines 7. Offer to be a plane spotter to help the short handedRead… Read more »

Tracking the Sequester: Jockeying Between House and Senate

Originally blogged at Government Affairs Institute With nine days to go, hope of averting the March 1 sequester continues to fade, with each side drawing a line in the sand, and little reason to believe that their differences can be breached any time soon. Last week the President again went on record demanding that anyRead… Read more »

CBO Projection A Bit of Good Budget News, Sort Of

Having barely avoided falling off the fiscal cliff on January 1, we soon found ourselves sliding down a slippery slope toward a dark and gloomy abyss. The sequester was postponed for only two months, the debt ceiling was raised, but only until May, and we continue to hurtle toward the March 27 expiration of theRead… Read more »

An Upside For Feds, No Federal Pay Freeze

Later today the House will vote on a plan to effectively lift the debt limit for four months, removing, or at least postponing, the threat of default. The bill, HR 325, temporarily extends the debt limit without seeking any concessions on spending, and allows Republicans a way to avoid having to actually cast a voteRead… Read more »