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Are service contracts with the federal government on a decline?

Currently, about 40% of all government contractors’ work is in providing services. Many in the government have complained over the years that contractors get mission-critical jobs that should be inherently government employee work. With the new administration, the movement is to get those positions out of the contractors’ hands, back to the federal government. IRead… Read more »

Half way through graduate school – and wondering what direction the hill will be next year?

So, I am officially two weeks, three projects, one group meeting and eight evaluations away from being done with my frist year of my Masters of Public Policy! I’m grateful for the experience of working full-time while going to school but starting to question whether it’s possible to do both well while maintaining my sanityRead… Read more »

Inspiration to Give Back

As you were probably aware, last week was Public Service Recognition Week. My agency here in Arizona decided to award individuals who give back to their community, and the environment. What interesting organizations they are busy volunteering their time with! One of our employees spends their off-work time volunteering as a literacy volunteer, and trainsRead… Read more »

PSRW-Thursday’s Words

Through my years in government, I have been privileged to know and work with extraordinary men and women…Day in and day out, in a variety of settings and at every level of government, these quiet heroes work to give their fellow citizens the tools and opportunities to make the most of their lives. -President BillRead… Read more »

PSRW – Wednesday’s Quote

Employees who use imagination, initiative and bold vision will be able to benefit in ways that they could never do before. Those who believe in government the most and who dedicate their careers to lives of public service have the greatest stake in making it work. -President Jimmy Carter

PSRW Quote for the day

Any free government certainly needs a vast corps of well-trained, dedicated, intelligent, long service people who can take care of all the intricate jobs of operating the many and manifold activates that governments these days are compelled to carry on. – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Real. Simple. Social. Enabling fellow public servants in a push for improved online presence and engagement.

Ironically my division at work used to have the acronym RSS. Confusing for a web management division. A change of acronyms later, and I am still holding onto my own RSS principle. Real. Simple. Social. More and more often I am being called upon to provide small groups in the policy and advocacy streams withRead… Read more »