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A Week to Recognize All Government Workers

Familiar with it? You know, the time set aside each year to honor the men and women who serve the US as federal, state and local government employees. I’m talking about Public Service Recognition Week which is celebrated the first Monday through Sunday in May. If you’re not so familiar with it, Public Service RecognitionRead… Read more »

Working for the government isn’t good enough

Since you’re on this site, chances are you’ve found yourself—at least once—answering the question “So, what do you do?” with some variation of “I work for the government.” I certainly have. And I wonder if the other person has ever thought, “Wow; thanks, chief. That really paints a vivid picture of how you’re justifying theRead… Read more »

When Will CustomerService.Gov Arrive?

I was reading this article on since the title caught my attention ( and realized my company was referenced…in case it interested anyone, here is the link to access the white paper mentioned in the article:

A lifetime of service

A local newspaper has published the inspiring story of Richard Fitzgerald, an employee of the town of Arlington, Massachusetts. His is truly a case of “you do what you can and you do what you have to.” Who is Arlington’s longest-working town employee? – Arlington, MA – The Arlington Advocate “Known as Fitzy to hisRead… Read more »

Reinventing Public Service

I’ve previously made my case for the value of the word “bureaucrat” but it’s a tough battle. To appease the 50th complaint, I changed the profile question to “Who is your favorite public servant?” Which bring me to public service. A lot of talk has occurred recently on reenergizing public service. When I was inRead… Read more »

Ten Guiding Principles for E-civil Service

I Introduction Is there anything called e-civil service or electronic civil service? If so, what is it? How does it differ from the traditional civil service? How can it keep pace with technological developments? What role does it have in Government 2.0? Is there any conflict between old conduct rules for the civil servants andRead… Read more »