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Shutdown: Some Govies Still Get Paid – Do You?

Great article from GovExec that explains quickly how pay could work: Pay for SomeBy Emily Long As a possible government shutdown approaches, so too does the possibility of federal employees being furloughed and stuck without a paycheck. But some government workers could continue to receive their salaries as usual if new legislation garners congressional support.Read… Read more »

Resilience – Using a government shutdown to grow and improve.

Seems like most everybody is asking ‘What am I supposed to do if the government shuts down?’ Which translates into ‘Uuughph, this is going to interrupt my plans for [job execution, spring break, paying bills, financial security…. ]. One thing is sure, a government shutdown will create difficulties; and you can either struggle with theRead… Read more »

The Shutdown Startup

Hey there GovLoop Community – I’d like to introduce you to the Shutdown Startup. If the federal government shuts down, thousands of passionate public servants will be kept from their full-time jobs. But that doesn’t mean we can no longer serve. In the event of a shutdown, we’re committing to volunteer with non-profit organizations throughoutRead… Read more »

What you need to know about Unemployment (if you need it)

So… I’m hoping that none of you need to visit me at the office anytime soon – because that is not awesome. However, it’s better to face the beast prepared – so here’s what Federal Employees may want to know about filing for unemployment. BIG DISCLAIMER: Unemployment is a state program and it varies whereRead… Read more »

Weekly Round-up: February 25, 2011 (Government Shut-Down Preview Edition)

Gadi Ben-Yehuda The Government Shutdown and You(Tube): Andrea Di Maio published a peice titled “What if Government 1.0 Shut Down? Government 2.0 May Have To As Well,” a great read, as is the comment by Doug Hadden. Also, NextGov points to one difference between the last government shut-down and this year’s potential shut-down in itsRead… Read more »

Implications and Consequences of a Government Shutdown-A White Paper and Audio Seminar by Eric S. Crusius, Esq.

The federal government will run out of funds to operate on March 4, 2011. After that date, without a budget passed by Congress and signed into law by the President or another continuing resolution, much of the federal government will shut down. For government contractors, the implications and consequences of a shutdown are largely unknownRead… Read more »