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How Do You Train 28 Million People at Once?

If you’re a teacher, you know that keeping the attention of even one student can be a difficult task. But what about if you have to train a community of over 28 million — and you have to do it virtually? That was the question recently facing the Small Business Administration (SBA). As the agency thatRead… Read more »

How to Revamp Your Next Webinar

Short. Practical. Engaging. How many times have you used these words to describe job training? For some, the answer is very few — or not at all. If that’s you, you’re not alone. We’ve all been subjected to the never-ending webinar or the marathon lecture, whether in school or as working professionals. You may or mayRead… Read more »

New Policies and Experiments for Gov Learning

Unsurprisingly, a number of learning professionals attended today’s GovLoop event, The Future of Learning in Government. Our closing keynote speaker, Sydney Smith-Heimbrock, PhD and Chief Learning Officer at OPM, started off by giving them high praise. “Learning professionals are my favorite people,” she said. “Why? Because you all live every day doing more with nothing.”Read… Read more »

Challenges in Cooking Ham & Training Govies

Delicious smells permeate the kitchen as a daughter watches her mother cook a Thanksgiving ham. She’s intrigued by her mother’s process, especially as she cuts off both ends of the ham before placing it in the oven. “Why do you cut off both ends before putting the ham in the oven, mom?” the girls asks.Read… Read more »

GovLoop Academy

GovLoop Academy: Learn It All Online!

The world of online trainings is shifting quickly for government employees. The days of in-person events, conferences, and travel are disappearing. The Office of Personnel Management has been curtailing budgets for trainings, meaning that trainings will need to be moved online – saving the government money and time. Virtual training has the potential to rockRead… Read more »