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Successful Project Managers are Great Listeners

“Ninety percent of a project manager’s work is communication.” You have probably seen this commonly quoted statistic but what you don’t see is a statistic that tells you how much of the 90% is devoted to listening. Why is that important? Because, poor communication is at least one of the three causes for failed projects.Read… Read more »

Build a Collaborative Web Instead of a Government Innovation Lab

A week or so ago, GovLoop started a discussion on what a government innovation lab would look like. Some great comments on how to build collaborative workspaces but I felt that the discussion missed the greater point of how to make government agencies more innovative. The major problem with innovation labs is that they mayRead… Read more »

Are You A Project Manager or Project Leader?

For the last few years, I have been working with a colleague on developing a new theory of project management. We argue that the project manager is not a manager in the traditional sense but a blending of manager and leader. This has been written about before by other project management scholars but I believeRead… Read more »

How Simple Projects Can Quickly Become Complex

The graph below demonstrates something that every LEGO enthusiast quickly realizes: the more pieces in a set, the greater the number of different types of pieces. The same principle applies to projects: the more tasks needed to create the project product, the greater the variety of tasks. This is the first reason why projects canRead… Read more »

“Use the Culture, Luke!” Why Organizational Culture is like the Force

Recently, there has been a good amount of discussion on GovLoop about culture in the government agencies. I am hopeful that we continue the discussion because I fervently believe that cultural change is the key to fully realizing openness in local, state, and Federal governments. Maybe 2012 will be the Year of Culture as weRead… Read more »

Personally Thriving in 2012: The Power of Focus

For me, 2011 was a great year in personal development but the uncertainty and turmoil surrounding being a government employee reaffirmed the need for constantly developing my skills. I see 2012 as being even more turbulent and I am convinced that the best strategy is to be the “go to” employee who consistently delivers results.Read… Read more »

Don’t Worry; Trust the Government – Why Citizen Engagement is Difficult

It’s a rather obvious observation that the modern world is complex and confusing. There is a lot that have major influences on our lives but we don’t know much about. Things like climate change, global poverty, Mideast peace, etc. When we feel ignorant about a subject that affects us personally, we do research to learnRead… Read more »

The Decision to Trust Model

Last week, I posted some questions I had about creating organizational trust. Trust has been on my mind lately because of my research in complexity leadership, innovation, and culture change. A common theme in all these fields is building trust. Well, I don’t believe you can directly build trust. I believe it emerges from theRead… Read more »