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Why Government Should Not Go Lean

Just after I posted “Business Process Management As If People Mattered: Adaptive Case Management” the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review downloaded to my Color Nook. This was a special issue devoted to talent management and so I flipped through it pretty quickly until I came across “Lean Knowledge Work” (Staats and Upton, OctoberRead… Read more »

Culture Change and the International Open Government Movement

Government In the Lab has a good post on the upcoming Open Government Partnership which is being led by the United States. The kickoff meeting is September 20th with the unveiling of the Open Government Declaration. I am hopeful that this will bring Open Government from being just about Open Data to a more sustainableRead… Read more »

Now That We Have Plain Language: Should We Also Have Plain Processes?

I love the Plain Language Act. Especially the part concerning plain-language websites which gives me plenty of opportunities to advocate the merits of information architecture and user experience (IA and UX). But providing information is only part of what government agencies do. Agencies also provide services. Services such as providing Social Security to licensing vehiclesRead… Read more »

Why Complex Problems are Complex and Hard To Solve

From an early age, I have never liked the observation that something is complex. It usually meant that person is just resigning themselves to never understanding the problem. I couldn’t stand this defeatist attitude and have spent most of my life trying to devise ways to tackle complex problems including the aptly-named “wicked problems.” EvenRead… Read more »

Failure Is An Option: The Way To High-Performance Innovation

The three keys to innovation are to seek out new ideas, test these ideas on a scale where failure is survivable, and constantly monitor these trials for feedback. This is according to Tim Hartford’s new book, Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure. Hartford argues that the world is too complex for top-down “big project”Read… Read more »

The Zen of Cultural Change

It is time to move from creating a more open government to sustaining open government. Yes, there is a lot more work to do in making agencies on all levels of government are releasing their data and becoming transparent. Governments have successfully picked the low-hanging fruit of opening up their datasets. It’s now time toRead… Read more »

Complexity Economics and the Almost-Shutdown of 2011

Like many of you I spent my evenings over the last week watching the news networks as various experts debated the looming shutdown. I heard the various economic arguments around the budget battles and I was constantly struck by the thought that decisions concerning peoples’ lives and security were being decided by a 19th centuryRead… Read more »