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Lean Scope Project Management: The Video Briefing

Over 700 project managers from around the world were briefed on Lean Scope Project Management. You can view a version of that briefing at Lean Scope Project Management combines human-centered design, the lean startup method, and agile project management to help you design and deliver highly-innovative projects with greater stakeholder buy-in and collaboration. TheRead… Read more »

Lean Scope Project Management: Project Management for Highly-Innovative Projects

I will present my Lean Scope Project Management methodology on Wednesday to the Project Management Institute’s Government Community of Practice. On Thursday, I will release a YouTube video explaining Lean Scope Project Management. I look forward to the comments of project management practitioners and human-centered design practitioners. The origin story of Lean Scope Project ManagementRead… Read more »

Reduced Registration for Government Employees at the UMD Project Management Symposium June 9-10

Register with your .gov or .mil address to register at reduced government employee rate ($350) for the two-day University of Maryland Project Management Symposium. There is an exclusive government project management track and three government keynote speakers: Karen Durham-Aguilera, Director of Contingency Operations and Office of Homeland Security, Headquarters, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers“ProgramRead… Read more »

PolicyOps – A Better Way to Create and Implement Government Policies and Programs?

Nearly 45 years ago, the United States landed two men on the Moon. It was not only an amazing technological achievement but also showed that the American government could achieve the big goals. All through the 20th Century, America’s government accomplished landmark mega-projects: the Hoover Dam, winning World War II, atomic power, the agricultural revolution,Read… Read more »