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For HR Executives…what’s your Collaboration Strategy?

I have been talking to a lot of HR people over the last couple of months and, frankly, it has been surprising to see that most don’t realize the opportunities and risks associated with social media and crowdsourcing as it relates to their business vertical. Why is it crucial that Human Resource managers be deeplyRead… Read more »

Go on…be a Tortoise!

One of the things I have realized, sometimes painfully so, is that within the innovation management discipline how much of that takes place is change management, not innovation. In fact, the innovation management aspect is easier, in my opinion. The change management part within the broad public sector is difficult for everyone to tackle, especiallyRead… Read more »

A BIG small idea?

I love government. Mostly for the vast majority of public servants, who are bright, devoted, and highly creative in a difficult organizational structure. I also think – which won’t be surprising given the business that I am in – that fostering innovation in the public sector should be encouraged at every turn. I want publicRead… Read more »

Failure really is a good thing

There is a really good conversation that was started the other day by Stefan Lindegaard, an open innovation leader who I follow and get strong value from. It was about failure and the value of failure with a focus on both engaging interested parties in a dialogue and coming up coining a phrase (failsourcing, amongRead… Read more »

Disincentives to collaborate? The Government of Canada Employee Innovation Program

Last week the Government of Canada announced a new program intended to promote innovation in the workplace. Generally speaking, any effort to drive innovation should be applauded- however, the role of incentives in promoting innovation and motivating individuals to participate is an elaborate issue. Strategies and tactics should be approached with caution, with creativity, andRead… Read more »

Elephant in the Room? “Culture” and Social Media uptake in the Public Sector

The last few weeks I was at a couple of government-focused social media events, one in person (Gov 2.0 Expo) and one virtually (GovCamp). They were both really good and provided a lot of value I think. There were some similarities in the events, through a recurring theme. Specifically, everyone (ok, well most everyone) inRead… Read more »

Shouldn’t the BP oil spill be a crowdsourcing “Grand Challenge”?

Obviously everyone is familiar with the incredibly tragic damage that continues to take place while I write and you read this regarding the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There will be plenty of time for everyone to weigh in on how this was allowed to happen and not able to be fixed when a solutionRead… Read more »

Biggest Reasons Public Servants don’t Crowdsource

One of the things that we do that we believe is a best practice in our engagements is ask our partners to do two surveys at the conclusion of a campaign; one about us and one about them. It is always interesting to see the results and, certainly, helps everyone to improve what may beRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing DNA – Realizing that each engagement has its own footprint

First, the definition that we have at PubliVate of crowdsourcing can be narrow in comparison to how others use the term. The story I read and am referencing and talking about below would not necessarily be something that we see a lot of in our engagements, as of yet. But…we certainly consider that it isRead… Read more »

What is the Crowdsourcing recipe for success?

While our livelihood at PubliVate revolves around crowdsourcing (or ideation, innovation management, idea sourcing, idea collection…would be good to land on a common title…part of the growing up process, I suppose), it has been fascinating over the last few years to watch the area evolve. A central focus for us from our earliest days hasRead… Read more »