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Government Challenges – Your Solutions – Why Works

In 2010 the General Services Administration launched The idea was simple the site would house agency contests and competitions together in one place. But no one could have predicted the success. Now three years in, is home to more than 250 challenges from 60 agencies. Sheila Campbell is the Director for Excellence inRead… Read more »

Eight Conversations Your Customers Want to Have With Your Brand

This post originally appeared on my external blog, Social Media Strategery. While it’s focused on private sector brands, these ideas can easily be applied to public sector entities as well. My last post criticized the content that a lot of brands share via social media – the incessant begging for likes and shares, the linkbaiting,Read… Read more »

Dr. Kevin Desouza’s “ Using Competitions and Awards to Spur Innovation”

This post was written by Dan Chenok, and originally appeared on theIBM Center for the Business of Government Blog. Kevin C. Desouza’s “ Using Competitions and Awards to Spur Innovation,” examines the cross-government electronic platform,, through which agencies can pose problems and challenge the public to provide solutions. Cutting-edge government leaders are constantly seekingRead… Read more »

Can Government service be as ‘sexy’ as the startup?

Photo credit: Luis Gomez Photos Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting two young entrepreneurs–the co-founders of the super-hip, new event crowdfunding startup, EventStir. Afghani-born Sajad explained to me how he met his business partner Andrew, at Startup Weekend DC. The event is a 54-hour race against the clock to launch a business in oneRead… Read more »

Archived Episode 1 of #Hi5Gov Featuring

Today I interviewed Karen Trebon, Deputy Program Manager and Tammi Marcoullier, Program Manager from on the inaugural episode of #Hi5Gov featuring and the amazing impacts is making for agencies and the public across America. Follow Tammi – @TammiM Follow Karen – @KarenTrebonGovt Follow Joseph – @JosephPorcelli Want to be a guest onRead… Read more »

Using Prizes as Innovation Engines

President Obama said he wanted to spur innovation, in his State of the Union address. Actually, this effort started in earnest last year through the use of prizes and contents as a complement to traditional research and development. As promised in an earlier blog post on this topic, the IBM Center now has a report,Read… Read more »

Project of the Week:

1. What is and what was the impetus for the project? is a platform which allows federal agencies to post challenges, and at the same time, allows the public to find challenges. The impetus: In a March 8, 2010 memorandum, OMB Deputy Director for Management Jeffrey Zients provided legal guidance on the use ofRead… Read more »

Itsa Trap!: Get out of the “can’t, won’t, don’t” mind set

On Friday, I attended training for Congrats to the GSA team and ChallengePost for a sexy, sleek platform for us govies to use easily and relatively headache-free. Unfortunately, I could have walked away very demoralized by that experience. First, it was a Friday afternoon and no coffee allowed in the computer lab. My headRead… Read more »