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[Update] Crowdsourcing Citizen Engagement: Tools for Information Architecture & “Wicked Problems”

UPDATE: For those who weren’t able to attend Paul Culmsee’s seminar, you can check out video and slides here. He starts with a great comparison of Government 2.0 in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and even riffs off a 2010 GovLoop discussion by Bill Brantley and Andrew Krzmarzick. Enjoy! /// Wanted to shareRead… Read more »

What to do during #Shutdown? Women in SharePoint DC Networking Event 4/28/11

As many have mentioned here regarding the looming shutdown, focusing on resilency, positive outlook, and even beards are part of the game plan for many. For those not prone to growing beards (LOL) consider attending some of the tech and networking events you don’t have time to attend during overly busy work weeks. Here’s WomenRead… Read more »

Geeks to Wonks – Call for Projects from #SXSH

As a follow on to the CKO/CHCO and KM discussions the other day that lamented some of the technical and policy gaps in implementing enterprise knowledge and learning solutions, just captured the following from Twitter which may be of interest to folks here to make connections on #opengov projects. See also: