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Best Buy Says Goodbye to ROWE as Another Work From Home Program Bites The Dust

Yahoo! may be trend setters after all – Best Buy just released it was ending its work from home program called Results Only Work Environment or ROWE (Well…sorta.) You now need your manager’s approval first. Actually, ironic considering ROWE first began at Best Buy in an effort to give the company a competitive advantage. TheRead… Read more »

Yahoo! Denying Employees Telecommuting – What’s the Real Reason?

So those who may not know, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer announced that employees are no longer allowed to telecommute – at all. So it appears the government is not the only institution that has issues with telework (whatever happened to the full implementation of that policy anyway? And why hasn’t the government revisited ROWE?) IRead… Read more »

How to Make Your Organization Have a Winning Season in 2013 – And Make The Playoffs Year After Year!

With my favorite NFL team out of the playoffs this year – I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate what makes a winning team – and it’s not all about the coach (or firing the coach, like my team did this year.) When it comes down to it, making an organization and a football teamRead… Read more »

Is Your Business a “Benghazi”?

So by now most of you are aware of the incident that occurred at the US Embassy in Benghazi on September 11th 2012. An independent panel was established by the U.S. Government to further investigate how the attack occurred, how it was handled, and what can be done to prevent such future issues from takingRead… Read more »

Goal Setting: What is Your Direction in 2013?

2013 is literally around the corner. The topic of goals and objectives arises frequently this time of year. Many organizations (and individuals) have begun to update their strategies and create new goals for the New Year, have you? Hopefully you have, and if you haven’t, well – you may want to add it to yourRead… Read more »

Do I Really Want To Work Here? What Are You Doing To Keep Me Engaged?

Many of us have experienced that moment – that moment when the excitement of a new job or new role begins to wane and we feel less than enthusiastic about going to work every day – the engagement decline. When you get that “Ugh, I so don’t want to come to work today…” feeling, oftenRead… Read more »

Do I Really Want to Work Here: What Are Your Diversity Practices Telling Me?

Have you ever walked into an organization and just got that “Uh, why does everyone look the same” feeling… I know I have. You may have heard the expression, people are like snowflakes, and no two are the same – that’s diversity folks. In today’s ever diverse business environment, for organizations to excel, they mustRead… Read more »

Do I Really Want to Work Here: What’s Your Culture Telling Me?

Have you ever walked into an organization and just got that “hum something just doesn’t feel right feeling”… I know I have (more times than I’d like to count). Many of us know from the first time we enter into an organization, whether as an employee or a consultant, that what they say is notRead… Read more »