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How to be a Boss: Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

Sounds a little bit like the Wizard of Oz, we know. Similar to that classic story – what type of boss you are can determine if your people respond to you more like Munchkins or Monkey Soldiers. While we were writing this blog with our marketing partner, Preactive Marketing, we found something interesting while weRead… Read more »

Culture is…? How to Create a High Performing Culture

According to our marketing partner –Preactive Marketing – the phrase “culture is…” generates roughly 20 million global hits. This indicates it is quite a popular topic and that people are interested in what culture is – and why having a high performance one is important. We’ll share our thoughts, though we also prefer to hearRead… Read more »

Strategy is…? How to Create and Execute a Successful Strategy

As many government agencies are aware, creating a strategy is a mandate, and creating and communicating an actionable strategy can make or break the performance goals of the agency or department and impact the ability to deliver on the mission. According to our marketing partner – Preactive Marketing – the phrase “strategy is…” generates roughlyRead… Read more »

Raise Your Hand if Your Organization Can Improve Employee Development & Recognition!

So how many of you raised your hand? It’s ok, we can’t see you – go ahead, be honest. If we were to ask your employees if they feel your organization can improve employee development and learning and increase recognition– how many would raise their hand? One of the most overlooked yet important assets anRead… Read more »

Leadership is…

We’ll share our thoughts, though we also prefer to hear from you, so share your opinion ! According to our marketing partner, Preactive Marketing, the phrase “leadership is” has over 6 million global monthly searches. This indicates there is a growing interest in the topic and in learning to become a better leader. So, howRead… Read more »

Dear GSA: 7 Steps on How to Conduct Teambuilding for Under $823,000!

Anyone who has ever been part of a team can most likely tell you it’s not always easy forming the team and working together effectively. Structure, process, culture, politics, personality…teams are complicated. And if you’ve ever tried to better the working relationships of team members you probably know, that although not an easy task, thatRead… Read more »

Why is no one talking about the ‘pink elephant’ in the room? Or are they?

So your organization is going through some type of change. How can lack of communication during times of change affect your productivity and profitability? More than likely your employees know what’s going on earlier than you may think. Actually, if your organization is currently going through a change, employees and customers are probably talking aboutRead… Read more »

An Improving Economy Could Mean Loss of Employees. Will They Stay or Will They Go?

When accounting for the costs (both real costs, such as time taken to select and recruit a replacement, and also opportunity costs, such as lost productivity), the cost of employee turnover to organizations has been estimated to be up to 150% of the employees’ remuneration package. In the case of the public sector can, orRead… Read more »

How Do We Get There: Is Your Organization’s Strategy Working for You?

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations are often forced to remain competitive by adapting a culture of rapid change (I’ll offer up ideas on how to successfully accomplish that in a future publication). However, updating and communicating the organizations’ strategy to reflect these changes frequently doesn’t occur. A solid strategy is the cement andRead… Read more »

A Pat on the Back Please! Are Your Employees Recognized for Their Performance?

Many companies talk a good game when it comes to employee engagement and recognition, though few have mastered it. Some organizations are close, some still trying, and many are nowhere near success. So you may be thinking, why should I care if my employees are recognized for their performance? Because if they aren’t recognized, thenRead… Read more »