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5 Career Lessons from My First Half-Marathon

Recently I completed my first half-marathon, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half, in Alexandria, VA. It was an amazing feeling to complete a goal I had been working toward both physically and mentally for several months. It wasn’t such an amazing feeling immediately after the race…I’m still a little sore! But that’s beside the point. Reflecting onRead… Read more »

How to Attract & Maintain the Next Generation of Public Leaders

Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing the public sector. As agencies’ missions continue to grow increasingly complex and many senior staff prepare for retirement, the public sector must place an emphasis on recruiting and retaining the next generation of public leaders. This crucial topic was the basis of Tuesday’s Governing webinar, Engage,Read… Read more »

GovLoop Training: How State and Local Government is Leveraging Mobile Technology

Love piles upon piles of paperwork? Do you enjoy using multiple work devices that are questionably secure and most definitely not synchronized? How about heading to your office desktop before an urgent site visit instead of accessing that information in a mobile format? A big fan of these scenarios? Didn’t think so. Mecklenburg County, NCRead… Read more »

How Your Agency Can Benefit from Open Data for the Long-Term

Singer-songwriter and actor Tom Waits once said, “We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge.” This is particularly relevant for discussions regarding open data. Open data has the potential to do great things and some advocates call for the publication of all available data – a “You got it?Read… Read more »

How Much Would You Tip the Government?

Pollution. Poverty. Health. Infrastructure. These are just a few of the extraordinary challenges government face today. With increased citizens demands, coupled with decreased public resources, government is often placed in a very difficult position to adequately meet the needs of its diverse array of citizens. Throw Congressional gridlock into the mix and you have aRead… Read more »

Chatting with Uncle Sam

Oh, the joy of Labor Day Weekend. Beach? Check. BBQ? Check. Pool-side chillin’ with some bureaucrats? Ummm…I’m guessing that may not be your idea of a good time, but the significance of public engagement for government agencies cannot be overstated. Citizen inclusion, transparency, and participation all help promote a functioning democratic process and society. AndRead… Read more »