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Creating a Community of Practice: A Way to Engage Like-minded Practitioners for Learning and Leading

Communities of Practice (CoP) are popping up everywhere in my agency. What seemed to me to be a novel approach to learning, sharing and leading, I have discovered is an aged old phenomenon that stems from learning theory. Cognitive anthropologists Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger coined the term “community of practice” when studying apprenticeships asRead… Read more »

Career Planning for an Unpredictable Future

Whether due to greater flexibility, mass exodus, or values-driven decision making, careers in 2022 are anything but predictable. Since the pandemic, we have learned to re-evaluate our careers either by choice or necessity. According to a study from O.C. Tanner, 48% of employees are considering an industry career change after COVID-19 settles down (if itRead… Read more »