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New Quiz! Do You Need a Mentor, Coach or Champion?

It’s no secret that professional relationships are a career asset. Just look at the success of LinkedIn. The social media platform is so successful because it helps facilitate relationships that are critical for moving millions of careers forward. But sometimes it can be tricky to identify which kind of relationship is most helpful at particular stages inRead… Read more »

Who Wants a Leadership Coach?

In a conversation with a colleague recently, we discussed the difference between needing and wanting. Needs are those things that are essential and important and, in truth, our needs are quite simple—food, shelter, water. With those basics met, we have everything we “need” to survive. Wants, on the other hand, are desires or wishes forRead… Read more »

The Federal Coach: When Michael Scott works for Uncle Sam

Despite the presence of outstanding leaders throughout our federal government, the bad ones have a disproportionate impact on government performance. Michael Scott may be television’s version of a bad boss on NBC’s The Office, but from what I hear, there are lots of leaders with similar failings roaming agency hallways. It may be funny toRead… Read more »

Social Media Simulation and Training Environments – Internet Media Testing

All well-known systems engineering methodologies and enterprise system development programs leverage testing environments. Testing environments can be built and operated for very different purposes, ranging from prototyping and simulation, to pre-production load testing and usability or “Section 508 Accessibility” checks. Specialized SOA testing frameworks are sometimes required, for difficult infrastructure integration challenges. Most major systemsRead… Read more »