Get Your GL Swag On!

If you’ve been to any event with GovLoop, you know we love to pass out some swag. Whether it’s handing you a landyard at a GovUp or throwing a t-shirt into a crowd, we love seeing Govloopers sporting some green and yellow! Want swag of your very own? GovLoop is now giving you a fewRead… Read more »

Government Reorganization? Why? How? LIVE NOTES!

Back here at NAPA again on this beautiful Spring-like morning for another great discussion. This time we’ll be tackling the President’s SOTU comments about reorganizing the federal government. Tough topic so hopefully we’ll get some great information about how this process is already being implemented, as well as the challenges it faces. Much like yesterday’sRead… Read more »

PMF and Pathways Programs: Reinventing the Old and Implementing the New- LIVE NOTES!

Sitting here at NAPA headquarters in the same room as OPM Director John Berry and many other influential people in government as well as education. Stay tuned for notes in an ongoing basis: Panel Discussion 1- Holding the Pathways Programs Accountable for the Future Leadership and Human Capital Needs of the Federal Gov “Pathways toRead… Read more »

How to Write an Effective Mission Statement for Your Community

Yogi Berra said: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” The same holds true for any community. Mission statements are not new. Yet with online communities popping up, bringing people together from town to town, coast to coast, and country to country, crafting an effective mission statement is moreRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five – Common Sense, Story Time and Rules for Success

It’s that time again… Friday’s Fab Five! Every Friday, we’re summarizing the best of the week and highlighting five members or moments that were especially awesome. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to Good Project Management is Common Sense by Josh Nankivel. Josh always does an awesome job giving GovLoop the low downRead… Read more »