GEICO Brings us to the HomeFront

GEICO is a proud partner of GovLoop. ————————————— The GEICO blogosphere has expanded! GEICO’s love and respect for military personnel runs deep. Launched on the Fourth of July, GEICO has created a brand new blog, HomeFront by GEICO. HomeFront creates a channel for members of the military and their families to share stories, pictures, videos,Read… Read more »

Was Abe Lincoln Honest?

GEICO is a proud partner of GovLoop. ——————————————————— Hello GovLoopers! It’s Friday, and not just any ordinary Friday. Today is the beginning of one of my favorite holidays of the year. This weekend we celebrate our great nation and all who made our freedom and liberty possible. In keeping with this season of patriotism andRead… Read more »

Protecting Your Cell Phone

The Phone Tips & Tricks series is supported by the Sprint Federal Employee Discount Program. To find awesome discounts visit the Sprint Federal Employee Discount resource center today. It’s a great feeling to get a new phone. It’s like a fresh start. It’s like a new relationship. It takes getting used to, but it’s exciting.Read… Read more »

Minnesota Shutdown Update

We’re just hours away from the Minnesota government closing it’s doors. While it’s looking bleak that government leaders will come to a consensus and pass a budget a few things ARE looking up thanks to a Minnesota judge. Yesterday a state judge ruled that Governor Dayton’s austere shutdown plan didn’t include enough essential service toRead… Read more »

Are You a T?

You may have heard of Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO’s notion of why you should hire T-shaped people – – “those people who are so inquisitive about the world that they’re willing to try to do what you do. They have a principal skill that describes the vertical leg of the T — they’re mechanicalRead… Read more »

Modernize Now. The Future of the Federal Workforce.

Deloitte is a proud supporter of GovLoop. ————————————————————- I just watched this really great video from Deloitte about the evolution of the American workforce and how it applies to government. Great insight into what has happened over time and what needs to be done to ensure that our nation’s government is being as productive asRead… Read more »

Thanks to GovLoop’s Partners

Happy Summer everyone! As you know on GovLoop, you are not subjected to blinking banner ads and annoying pop-ups. I think the future of advertising is that it has to be beneficial to the community. Thus, here on GovLoop, you’ll see us work with our awesome partners to put on educational online trainings, special areasRead… Read more »

Announcing the GovLoop Mentors Program!

With the impending departure of Baby Boomers from the workforce and the need to transfer knowledge from one generation of public servants to the next, there’s one idea that we’ve heard again and again: “we need a government-wide mentoring program.” Of course, there are several excellent mentor programs in individual agencies and at the stateRead… Read more »