Cyberspace: Asset or Liability?

Cyberthreats are a national emergency. That’s what President Obama declared in an executive order signed yesterday, that also authorized the levying of targeted sanctions against individuals or groups involved in malicious cyber activities aimed at the U.S. With this most recent action to address the growing cybersecurity challenge, it was especially timely to hear fromRead… Read more »

Creating an Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy & Culture through Agile Cybersecurity Action Planning (ACAP)

Cybersecurity should not about just building better castles, but looking ahead to the emerging threats. Castles were undone by introduction of cannons and mobile warfare. This will likely be true of Cybersecurity because the “cyber barbarians,” whether state or non-state actors, criminals or hacktivists, are constantly looking for new technologies, human weakness, back doors and… Read more »

How TRAP Protects Tax Refunds

Written in collaboration with Neli Coleman, Director of Product Management, Experian Public Sector The speed at which income tax returns are processed and issued has accelerated in recent years. Now, it’s just a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, before a refund is released. This improvement has been a win for government customer service. However,Read… Read more »

The Top 5 Privacy and Security Laws you Should Know

Privacy and security are more important than ever, especially with the recent barrage of cyber attacks on companies like Anthem, Premera and Sony which compromised confidential data of millions of customers Privacy and security compliances are requirements that various organizations must follow to protect that same data. There are compliances that span across many industriesRead… Read more »

Learn About the biggest trends in Cybersecurity!

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is less than a month away! In anticipation of the our all-day training event, each week we’ll share snippets of information that will be elaborated on throughout the trainings. The free summit will be on April 22nd, starting at 10 AM ET — be sure to check out the scheduleRead… Read more »

Hillary’s Email Isn’t the Only Email Worry for State

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email isn’t the only State Department email to make headlines in the past few months. In 2014, the State Department found themselves in a very difficult situation. State Department emails had been breached, presumably by Russian hackers. “The hackers bedeviled the State Department’s email system for much of theRead… Read more »

The Zero Trust Framework

The following is an excerpt from our recent research brief, Zero Trust: The Security Network Infrastructure of Tomorrow. To read more, download the full report here. Today, in order to protect a network, security teams rely on several different security instruments to keep data secure. These could range from web application firewalls (WAFs), content-filtering gateways orRead… Read more »

Insider Threats: The Stranger Next Door

Cybersecurity dialogues often talk about threats and breaches stemming from hackers, terrorists, and cyber-criminals. However, there are significant threats that come from individuals who are closer than you think – maybe even the person you sit next to at the office. SolarWinds, an IT management software company, recently researched insider threats to the federal government.Read… Read more »