Cybersecurity: No More Rumors

Hacks are no laughing matter. The U.S. government and the American population have lost billions of dollars as a result of IT system hacks. The threats come from all angles – insiders, thieves, terrorists, and your run-of-the-mill bad guys. Cybersecurity is not just a national issue – it’s a national battle. And it’s certainly beenRead… Read more »

Say What? Congress Works Together for Cyber

Everyday, cyberthreats are growing in number and sophistication. As each new exploit is exposed, it leads one to wonder what else is vulnerable in the federal government’s vast network architecture. And with limited resources and trained personnel, it is increasingly difficult for government to keep up with the advanced capabilities of cyber adversaries. In response,Read… Read more »

Taking the risk out of your tax refund process

Written by Neli Coleman, Director of Product Management for Experian Public Sector According to a May 2014 Governing Institute research study of 129 state and local government officials, 43 percent of respondents cited identity theft as the biggest challenge their agency is facing regarding tax-return fraud. Nationwide, stealing identities and filing for tax refunds has become oneRead… Read more »

The Cybersecurity Landscape of Government

Cybersecurity is one of the most talked about topics in government these days. That’s great, because it means we are finally focusing efforts on collecting massive amounts of data on the threat, impact, and response of cyber efforts. Nevertheless, the deluge of information being generated about cyberthreats and government security tactics can be overwhelming. WhatRead… Read more »

Talking TECH: A Fresh Take on Cybersecurity

The state of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and growing in sophistication. Shouldn’t discussions about it be similarly innovative? If you’re looking for something different in your cybersecurity education and some fresh voices outside of the tech echo chamber, then you’ll be excited to learn about the 2015 Symantec Government Symposium – Secure Government: Manage, Mitigate,Read… Read more »

Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Problem – Even Yours

When you hear about a cyber breach, you probably wonder if your credit card has been compromised. But that’s it. Unless you are in the security field, a cyberattack can often feel like someone else’s problem. And that feeling is true in the government as well. Don’t believe it? Check this out: cybersecurity policies areRead… Read more »

How to Bypass Your Best Computer Security System in Ten Minutes

In the time it takes you to read this short article, an intruder can create 3-5 user accounts within your business system. Social engineering is a technique hackers use to take over an account by persuading or psychologically manipulating people to divulge confidential information. This is usually the first step within a more complex scheme.Read… Read more »

Mobile App Threats to Your Organization at the Code

In today’s computing environment, we have moved beyond the desktop and wired environment and into the mobile world. Our mobile devices are true computing platforms with their own operating systems and resources; yet we don’t often think about the computer we are carrying in our pocket. How safe are the applications we use? How secureRead… Read more »

Symantec Symposium Stops Cyberthreats in its Hacks!

Security is one of the biggest challenges that face our government as technology continues to expand is reach across the globe. It is more essential than ever for all government employees to understand how to secure their networks while handling vital information. Join leading IT security and management professionals in government at the 2015 SymantecRead… Read more »

Protecting Networks with Next Generation Firewalls

The following interview with Ken Karsten, Vice President of Federal Sales at Intel Security, is an excerpt from our recent guide, Securing Government: Lessons from the Cyber Front Lines. In this guide, we review five tactics government organizations are using to enhance their cybersecurity. Because government serves citizens, agencies cannot achieve their missions without opening their secure networks toRead… Read more »