Maximizing the Value of Cloud With FinOps

As agencies embrace multi-cloud environments, they are grappling with lack of visibility, unpredictable costs and the risk of overprovisioning. Cloud FinOps is a financial management discipline that creates accountability around cloud spend and to manage costs going forward. Download this report to discover: The challenges created by a multicloud environment. The basics of a cloudRead… Read more »

Case Study: New Hanover County Preventing Child Abuse with Cloud

New Hanover County, North Carolina faces a particularly heart-wrenching challenge: rising numbers of abused and neglected children. Every month, the county’s Department of Social Services (DSS) processes 300 reports of child abuse or neglect. To address these challenges, the county is testing a cloud-based Visual Investigator tool to help workers easily access usable data and determine riskRead… Read more »

DoD Cloud Projects to Watch

It seems nearly every government agency is moving some part of its infrastructure, platforms or software into the cloud. But that job is tougher for some agencies than others. For instance, if you’re an especially large agency, with staff operating in every environment across the globe, and you’re dealing with massive amounts of incredibly sensitiveRead… Read more »