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The Open Government Directive & Accessibility Shortcomings

After reading GCN’s article ‘GSA takes a fast, free approach to Web dialogue tool‘ I decided to take a look at the tool in question, IdeaScale, to see what the buzz was all about. The article explains that GSA joins several Federal departments/agencies already using IdeaScale including the White House, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), andRead… Read more »

Accessibility Hack #1: Captioning Online Video

This is a crosspost of Author: Glenda Watson Meet Karen Putz – a deaf mom of three deaf and hard of hearing teenagers. Her husband is also deaf. On top of being a busy mom, Karen is a sales manager for videophones and relay services for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.Read… Read more »

The Accessibility Verdict:

This is a crosspost of Author: Jim Thatcher I am looking for a surprise. It would be so gratifying to open up a government web site, any government website, and be impressed with its accessibility. The New York City site isn’t that site. In fact, the accessibility of the New York City site isRead… Read more »

The Accessibility Verdict:

This is a crosspost of Author: Jim Thatcher. Jim Thatcher, one of the godfathers of Section 508, reviews Government websites on Web Accessibility. In this article, Jim verdicts on the website of Washington DC, the seat of President Obama’s Open Government. Sometimes technologies like Flash or JavaScript complicate the job of making web sitesRead… Read more »

Why Web Accessibility is More Than a Legal Obligation

This is a crosspost of Author: Glenda Watson Hyatt Utter the phrase “web accessibility” to a group of web designers and watch eyes immediately glaze over. Thoughts rapidly surface of how alt attributes, relative font sizes, audio transcripts and other technical requirements impede their creativity and add to their workload. However, the thoughts thatRead… Read more »

My eGov Santa Wish #4: It’s the Local Government, Stupid!

This is a crosspost of Dear Santa, I’ve saved the best wish for last: Santa and his Reindeer (Max, 1 year – inspired by Picasso) But before I go more into detail, I want to let you know that, despite the title of this article, I am very excited about all things that areRead… Read more »

My E-Government Wish List for Santa – Wish #1

This is a cross-post of: Dear Santa, This year, I‘m not asking for a new iPhone, a Spy Camera Video Watch or an Electrical Car (a real one!). Santa Art by Isabelle (6 years) This year, I’m asking for a better e-Government. The Obama administration has already made a huge progression with the OpenRead… Read more »

First Experience with YouTube Caption Uploads

Yesterday, Google put out a post about the new beta caption upload feature in YouTube. This morning, I decided to put it to the test with all of the videos that we’ve uploaded to our USGS YouTube Channels. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with how the captions have been synced. The files I uploaded were text-onlyRead… Read more »