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Get Inspired to Use Facebook Live Video at Your Agency

What can your government agency broadcast on Facebook Live? What kinds of broadcasts are public sector organizations already doing on Facebook Live that can inspire your efforts to catch the attention of viewers?

Turn It Up: How Government Uses Music Videos to Engage Citizens

Music videos are fun, attention-grabbing tools for delivering messages that can inspire citizen engagement, educate people, spur them to action, and change minds and hearts. Videos are currently one of the most desirable pieces of content because of how shareable they are on social media. Social videos in particular are also a great way to reach younger audiences, whoRead… Read more »

A Day in the Life of an Accessibility SME

I met a fellow govie recently, and when I told him that I work in digital media accessibility, he said, “OMG, I could not review code all day, every day!” Well…neither could I, and although that’s what most people think we accessibility peeps do, that’s not the case. I may or may not look atRead… Read more »

Reason No. 1 for “bite-sized” government: Play nice with the media.

Why get along with the media? You’ll fare better on the front page. I’m a former government news reporter and can tell you firsthand that secrecy—sometimes in the form of complicated terminology— leads to unfavorable stories, even if political decisions are well founded and necessary. I sat through countless city and county meetings. For theRead… Read more »