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How-To: Use, Yahoo! Pipes, & Twitterfeed for RSS to social media aggregation

Recently, last week in fact, I wrote a little how-to on setting up a combined RSS feed using the free services of Yahoo! Pipes. You’ll recall I went step by step on how to take four different RSS feeds from different blogs and multiple contributor/comments to push them into one single RSS feed containing onlyRead… Read more »

How-To: Use Yahoo Pipes to pull multiple websites (or RSS feeds) into one usable RSS Feed

I thought this to be a fitting post for all of the geeky ones here on GovLoop and was originally written for So you’re a prolific blogger of many things Coast Guard, social media, and other things- and an avid commenter all over the internet. You’re clearly one who gets around voicing your opinionsRead… Read more »

Life Mirroring Parody – or the other way around

The article in Monday’s New York Times about people no longer having the patience to listen to their voice mail was eerily similar to the “article” in the Onion a few days earlier about everything taking too long. So much to do, so little time. Even with “executive summaries” at the beginning of reports, colleaguesRead… Read more »