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FTC Member Julie Brill Pushes for Healthcare Data Protection

Julie Brill, a member of the Federal Trade Commission, has expressed support for privacy protection in the healthcare sector amid increasing big data applications, reported June 27. Anthony Brino writes that Brill proposes that consumers regain control over their personal information, determine the amount of data to share and be able choose whether toRead… Read more »

Attorneys and JAG May Want to Apply for Administrative Law Judge Positions

The complex Administrative Law Judge application may open up in 2013. Get ready by attending a free webinar with ALJ Experts from The Resume Place, Inc. From Social Security appeals, whistle blower fraud, and compensation claims, to utility rate findings and animal welfare enforcement proceedings, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) handle a wide range of casesRead… Read more »

Can Video Increase Military Coordination Between Nations?

Keeping the lines of communication and collaboration open between these nations and their militaries is a struggle under the best of conditions. However, the ongoing economic situation is impacting each and every member nation to some degree and at some level. This means that budgets need to be cut, every cent needs to be accountedRead… Read more »

The Presidential Management Fellows Application Opens up on Nov. 5th

Presidential Management Fellows Applications Must Be Completed By Nov. 19 The Resume Place offers tips for writing the Presidential Management Fellows application for the PMF Class of 2013. The resume is critical as part of this application. Read important application details.

Taking A New Approach to Application Compatibility in Windows 7 Migrations

This is my second post reviewing a new report from Quest Software, Taking a New Approach to Application Compatibility in Windows 7 Migrations: New Solutions Ensure Application Compatibility During Operating System Upgrades. The report provides valuable insights for IT administrators. You can view my first blog post here. The report provides some interesting insights aboutRead… Read more »

Social Networks: If You Build It, Will they Come?

By: Grant Asplund Originally posted on Federal Blue Print In an age where technology is changing in the blink of an eye, there is one thing we know for certain: social media applications and networks are here to stay. While old technologies such as voice and instant messenger persist, more and more agencies are integratingRead… Read more »

Great Android Apps – Raindar : Android Market Place App

This just in from Sprint Solutions Engineer Justin Davis…. Download This App Today: Raindar : Android Market Place App It’s in the Android Marketplace and is probably the BEST weather application. It’s very simple and shows a GPS map with LIVE dopler streaming. This is a GREAT app plus it’s free. Description: Going somewhereRead… Read more »

Startup Genome Compass – a new behchmarking tool for startup businesses

I’d like to share with you one of the best recent applications that also represents a good approach how to combine theoretical knowledge and practical background in one case. Here it is,Startup Genoma Compass that could become a very popular and efficient way to measure startup success and to define in what stage of developmentRead… Read more »

Technology in Law Enforcement. What about Web 2.0?

Technology in Law Enforcement? I was having a conversation the other day with a newly appointed Chief of Police, Ray Douglas, from a small town close to Memphis. This newly sworn-in Chief was going through the process of determining what capabilities his staff had and what they lacked. During my conversation with Ray, I askedRead… Read more »