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How to Not Get Fired Using Facebook at Work: The Writing’s on the (Wrong) Wall

Last year, a couple colleagues and I put together a workshop (full slides below) entitled, “How to Use Social Media and Not Jeopardize Your Job.” I delivered a variation of it at the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board’s EEO and Diversity Day back in November. During the workshop, participants break into small groups to grapple withRead… Read more »

Thanksgiving is the best holiday in the USA!

Greetings to All thisThanksgiving Eve, I just finished up a week of diversity training and I thought about the beauty of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is truly a USA holiday that represents all who live in the USA. For me it also represents the appreciation for life and country. Everyone no matter what gender, race,Read… Read more »

PODCAST: EEO/AA: What Employers Need to Know and Why – The Basics with Labor and Employment Law Expert Jonathan T. Hyman

Let’s face it, EEOC regulations (and there are plenty of them) are confusing. The Department of Labor and EEOC are slated to receive a record amount of funding in 2010 and this means more enforcement is imminent. Are you aware of your obligations in order to be an equal opportunity employer? How big of aRead… Read more »

A Guide to Choosing Applicant Tracking Software to Ensure EEO / OFCCP Compliance and Some Secrets too

EEO and OFCCP regulations are confusing enough. Choosing applicant tracking software to automate your recruiting program and ensure EEO and OFCCP compliance can be a daunting process. This is a guide designed to help you ask the right questions when choosing applicant tracking software. And, remember take the time to see the features in action,Read… Read more »

Video: Automate Your EEO / OFCCP Compliance Efforts

Applicant flow logs, hired/offers logs, reasons for non-selection for every applicant, minimum requirements for every job. Tracking all of this is nearly impossible let alone actually reporting it – until now. We’ve designed an elegant, powerful feature in our popular applicant tracking software to track and report all of your EEO data for you –Read… Read more »

How to Choose Applicant Tracking Software to Ensure OFCCP Compliance

Since May 2006, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has been enforcing a landmark ruling that sets explicit regulations on the collection, storage and reporting of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data for internet applicants. It also defines internet applicants, identifies electronic data collection methods, creates basic qualification standards and establishes recordkeeping requirements forRead… Read more »