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GovLoop Survey – What Area Do You Work In?

The latest GovLoop survey question was “What Area Do You Work In?” The results are: 14.3% Workforce 49.0% Technology 4.1% Finance 25.5% Marketing/PR 7.1% Operations Pretty interesting findings. There are a lot of technologists on GovLoop which has sparked a pretty interesting discussion in the forums about it (Lots of Technologists Here). My thoughts areRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0: 5 Reasons Social Media ISN’T Scary

Several great social media and Government 2.0 minds have influenced this post, including Steve Radick (“Why Social Media is Scary“), Craig Newmark (in discussion with Heather Krasna), Jeffrey Levy (commenting on a GovLoop post of mine), Emi Whittle (commenting on GovLoop members), and Mark Amtower (discussing the failure of traditional leaders to adapt to newRead… Read more »

Mark Drapeau tell them Goverati, I prefer WikiGov. What’s the best?

In a recent post at, Mark Drapeau have a point: Tools as govloop are on the roots of the rise of Goverati. I’m not sure, but I think that this name is made by the contraction of Government and Technorati. And I thought that the first who study and put a name of thatRead… Read more »

GovLoop On Kiva, Kiva on Govloop (microlending together)

(Note: everything I discuss below is from me as a private individual, not representing anything connected to EPA, the federal government, or anyone else.) Quick update to my blog posts here and here. At Adriel Hampton’s good suggestion, I’ve created a group on GovLoop to give this effort more visibility here and to give usRead… Read more »

GovLoop PR: To New Obama Staff – Stuck in Tech Dark Ages? Join the Golden Age at

I created and sent out this press release early this morning. Hope you find it entertaining and useful. And pass along to any journalist friends you have. ———————————————————- To New Obama Staff – Stuck in Tech Dark Ages? Join The Golden Age on The Obama campaign utilized the most modern and sophisticated technologies availableRead… Read more »

GovLoop Survey – Where Do You Work?

In the last GovLoop poll, we asked “Where do you work?” The response was: 48.0% Federal Government 10.6% State Government 18.2% Local Government 13.1% Gov’t Consulting 3.5% Professor/Student 6.6% Other My take-away from the poll is that GovLoop has a great diversity of thought leaders surrounding government. While federal government represent almost half of member,Read… Read more »

If I Don’t Know Who You Are, I Can’t Evaluate What You Say

I’m still thinking a lot about the culture of anonymity of the old Web, and what it means for the collaborative nature of 2.0. Lots of smart people at GovLoop chimed in, some agreeing strongly with my rant against anonymous comments, some telling me I was off base. It’s an important issue, so I askedRead… Read more »