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A History of Federal Data Centers [Infographic]

In one form or another, data centers have been at the core of the federal government’s technology infrastructure for more than 100 years. The government’s interest in computers was sparked years before the first machines were ready for widespread use, and data centers are now vital to most agencies’ daily operations. This infographic originally appearedRead… Read more »

Five Twitter Best Practices (Infographic) and “Twitter Political Hall of Fame (Shame?)”

Do you experience “Twitter mania” or have withdrawal symptoms when you’re not tweeting? So many social media users appear to be as addicted to Twitter as to their daily dose of java. However, do you know Twitter best practices? Have any of your followers “flown the coop”? What are your best practices on Twitter andRead… Read more »

The Value of Visual in Digital

If 2012 digital experiences could be summed up in one word, it would be this: visual. Pinterest—a platform that allows users to pin images onto collage boards—set the pace for social media channel growth with a four-digit increase in unique visitors in 2012. Despite the backlash from users over Instagram’s proposed change in terms ofRead… Read more »

Infographic: Local Gov2.0 – How Councils Can Use Social Media

I thought the infographic below (and associated blog post) might be of interest to Govloop subscribers. We have created the infographic below for local government. Like many organisations across other industries, local governments have started to use social media cautiously in recent years. Too often, local governments only consider social media as an outbound communicationRead… Read more »

2011 State & Local Government Communications infographic

GovDelivery released an infographic report revealing the Top 11 keywords/subjects of government communications State & Local government organizations that saw their content shared the most across email and social media fastest-growing topics that the public signed up to receive actual messages that the public shared through email and social media Below is just a snapshotRead… Read more »

The SBA 8(m) Woman-Owned Small Business Program, Decoded [Infographic]

I don’t know about you, but certain aspects of the Small Business Administration’s new Woman-Owned Small Business Program (also known as the SBA 8(m) program) that took effect on Friday, February 4th seemed a bit confusing. Things like: Is the 8(m) program related to the 8(a) program? (No.) Is my Woman-Owned Small Business in anRead… Read more »