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A Billion Brains are Better Than One

Article from following link T-DRIVEN INNOVATION A Billion Brains are Better Than One Interview with Thomas W. Malone March 18, 2010 MIT Sloan’s Thomas W. Malone, author of The Future of Work, on how the smartest companies will use emerging technology to tap the power of collective intelligence PDF BUY ARTICLE & PERMISSIONS “MostRead… Read more »

Cogito ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum – I think Therefore I am French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) proposed “the cogito” as demonstrating the most fundamental epistemological principle upon which all knowledge is based. Much of this supposition is argued today as not the only means for forming knowledge and in some cases utterly wrong, especially when viewing randomRead… Read more »

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Aren’t What you Think

Today I had the opportunity to listen to a discussion about cloud computing and virtualization of IT services: “The Future of Enterprise IT Architecture” with representatives from Cisco, VMware, and Barquin. Now most non-IT government workers, like myself, probably would think, “Why in the world would you subject yourself to something like that?” But fortunatelyRead… Read more »

RecoveringFed writes on The Discreet Charms of the North American Knowledge Worker

This is a repost from my blog Over a very pleasant meal yesterday, my lunch partner and I began to exchange ideas about how best to manage knowledge workers. Quite a challenge, we both agreed, and leaning toward hell when you need to manage knowledge workers against a deadline. This topic deserves more carefulRead… Read more »

Email, records, content, information, knowledge – What’s a records manager to do?

I saw this article on GCN, While EmailXtender is probably not classified as an Records Managment Application, it appears to have RM capabilities. EMC makes Documentum, which is DoD 5015.02 certified. I was somewhat curious when they mentioned that the system is stored off-site, which made me wonder if this was an actual stand-aloneRead… Read more »

Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (i.e. information, skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, co-workers, or members of a family, a community (e.g. Wikipedia) or an organization. Organizations have recognized that knowledge is a valuable asset for competitive advantages. Knowledge sharing activities are generally supported by knowledge management systems. However, technologyRead… Read more »

Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – Knowledge Management in Libraries

While the business world is changing in the new knowledge economy and digital age, libraries of all types are undergoing drastic changes also. The new role of libraries in the 21st century needs to be as a learning and knowledge center for their users as well as the intellectual commons for their respective communities where,Read… Read more »