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Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – Facebook as a Knowledge Management Concept

I found an interesting article by Tom Warner. In these two paragraphs, it talks about using Facebook to spread knowledge around. What’s your opinion on this concept? One such company, Serena Software in San Mateo, Calif., offers a companywide program called “Facebook Fridays,” which encourages employees to find fun and personal connections in the workplace,Read… Read more »

Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – Bottlenecks of Knowledge Management

Governments encounter fundamental problems in their attempts to come to grips with knowledge managment. Before governments can improve their knowledge management they should have a clear picture of the bottlenecks. Some of these include: Loss of knowledge Knowledge hoarding Reinventing the wheel Poor decisions Inability to learn Lack of concern The “I learned it onRead… Read more »

Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – Local Government’s Interest in KM

Local governments are now becoming an ever-increasing group seeking ways to manage their knowledge that is evident by their concerns of knowledge loss. This interest is also noted by an emphasis on the value of people, as the creators of knowledge, the source of solutions and the deployment of ways for the sharing and reuseRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy and Knowledge Management

(The following was originally posted as a response to a Discussion List topic on Social Media Policy in FS Communications, a GovLoop Group) I have been entertaining a thought that is pertinent to this direct topic, but also to the entire landscape of knowledge and information management. The key word in that phrasing is “management,”Read… Read more »

Knowledge Management – a few more tools in the bag

Today – I checked in on Defense Connect Online, to join an online meeting. Afterwards, I learned how to set up my microphone, so that next time, I will actually be able to comment, vice just using the chat feature! I also found out that Intellilink has SharePoint access (umm, for *free*), which is anotherRead… Read more »

Ask GovLoop – The Many Knowledge Management Definitions

Knowledge management has been around since the early 1990’s. There is still no direct definition of what Knowledge Management actually is. Here are a few explanations: Knowledge Management is a framework that can be used for learning, capturing, sharing and exploiting knowledge, experience and good practices. Knowledge Management is information or data management with theRead… Read more »

New here – what to do?

I am just discovering this, and after dipping into the Knowledge Management pool, finding that there is TONS more information, and tools to manage it, then I ever thought! Currently working on 6 of our “units” merging into 3, and tracking the moving parts. Using SharePoint, eKM, and other tools to get the work/word shared,Read… Read more »

Ask GovLoop on Knowledge – What’s Knowledge Management?

Welcome to the first “Ask the Knowledge Expert” Post. My name is Lisa Coates and I’m here to talk to you about Knowledge Management. First off, what is Knowledge Management? According to Wikipedia, Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of practices used in an organization to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insightsRead… Read more »