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Why Gov Needs Better Records Management

This post is informed by our recent GovLoop Academy Course, Your Playbook for Records Management. The 2012 Managing Government Records Directive has been touted as a major achievement for modernizing federal records management. Moving from paper-based to electronic records helps accelerate information searches and increases accessibility. It also greatly reduces the costs of storing hard-copyRead… Read more »

Thinking Forward to Preserve the Past: Interview with Pamela Wright, CINO of NARA

Interview: Innovation is the Magic Word Read Below or Download PDF If the 21st century (so far) had to be categorized by a word it would have to be “innovation”. It is a word that brings to mind the great advancements in technology, human to human interactions, human to computer interaction and more. The wayRead… Read more »

Not Just a Dusty Attic: National Archives in a Digital Age

Information Professionals Blog Series In an increasingly digital world, information management professionals are taking center stage. But outside of the IT tech guys we associate with online world, we forget about the original records managers: the Archivists and Librarians. This blog series will attempt to highlight how culture is changing within federal archives and librariesRead… Read more »

Is OpenGov 1950 Stymieing OpenGov 2010?

The Obama Administration is committed to using technology to better engage citizens in their government. Ironically, legislation crafted in the 1950s to open citizen access to government documents may be a barrier to today’s Open Government initiatives. The Federal Records Act of 1950 creates a framework to manage agency records. It puts the National ArchivesRead… Read more »

Archiving Social Media – Comprehensive Resources on GovLoop and Beyond

Earlier today, I saw this tweet from GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler: So I did a quick search of GovLoop and found a TON of content and conversations (see below). Also, I started creating a GovLoop Guide on Archiving. Want to help me finish it? Send me a message. GOVLOOP RESOURCES >>>BLOGS • Email, records, content,Read… Read more »

Email, records, content, information, knowledge – What’s a records manager to do?

I saw this article on GCN, While EmailXtender is probably not classified as an Records Managment Application, it appears to have RM capabilities. EMC makes Documentum, which is DoD 5015.02 certified. I was somewhat curious when they mentioned that the system is stored off-site, which made me wonder if this was an actual stand-aloneRead… Read more »