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Control and Coordination in Federal Administration

Since joining govloop just last month, I have joined several exchanges on topics related to my doctoral dissertation in Economics (title same as this post), which I successfully defended last Friday at George Mason University. Since I mentioned the connection, several members have expressed interest in reading it (at least in part), so I’ve attachedRead… Read more »

Social Media Subcouncil, at your service

In December 2008, the members of the Federal Web Managers Council presented a white paper to the Obama transition team addressing perceived and real barriers as well as opportunities for government entities to engage in a social media environment. Recognizing the challenges many government agencies face in moving towards implementing a social media strategy, theRead… Read more »

Looking for local govs with great websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 / SocMed Technology

I’m working on my GovLoop Project of the Week for the first week of April. I’m looking for cool local government websites that utilize Gov20 / Web20 or Social Media technology to improve services, reduce costs, etc. If you know of some great local gov websites, please post them to my profile or message themRead… Read more »

Working for the government isn’t good enough

Since you’re on this site, chances are you’ve found yourself—at least once—answering the question “So, what do you do?” with some variation of “I work for the government.” I certainly have. And I wonder if the other person has ever thought, “Wow; thanks, chief. That really paints a vivid picture of how you’re justifying theRead… Read more »

Web 2.0 for government: a unique opportunity?

At a govie staff meeting yesterday, the interesting point was made that there’s potentially a huge advantage to innovating via social media in government because government is more willing to share with government. In other words, there are not the inherent barriers to sharing best practices that crop up in the private sector, where CompanyRead… Read more »

Vivek Kundra at FOSE

Vivek Kundra is the newly appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the federal government. He is the first federal CIO ever and previously served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the District of Columbia. He spoke this morning at FOSE, the major government technology tradeshow in Washington, DC. I wanted to write up my notesRead… Read more »

Chris Anderson on “Delivering on the Promise of Gov 2.0”

Chris Anderson, of Wired magazine and “The Long Tail” fame, was the keynote speaker at FOSE this morning. He spoke on “For the People and By the People: Delivering on the Promise of Gov 2.0”. Anderson started off with an interesting example – the infamous Twitter fail whale. Countless users have bemoaned the unreliability ofRead… Read more »

Congress Delivers Major Social Media Failure

It seemed like an event worth passing on. In fact, I’ve tried to pass on many of the government 2.0 conversations of late, but last week’s Congressional Tweeting during Obama’s speech last week was flat out disturbing. While Congressional tweeting from 50 elected officials highlighted how hot Twitter has become, it also demonstrated an irresponsibleRead… Read more »